10 Staircases I Love

This is my Valentine's Day post.  Last year, when I barely knew what blogging was, I did a list of 10 things I love.  I'm going to switch it up this year and do 10 staircases I love.

I never really knew I had such a strong opinion on staircases, but I do. 

Who am I kidding....I have strong opinions on EVERYTHING.

We don't have stairs in our house...there....I said it....don't judge.  I've been watching all the wonderful bloggers show their stair makeovers and I've been kinda jealous.  With this new stair obsession I've discovered there are definitely things I love about stairs and things I don't.

For example...I don't like curved stairs.  The modern, contemporary, minimalist in me loves the straight lines.  I, also, don't like treads without risers...that's the clutzy in me.

A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of House Hunters and the women was into all that "chi" stuff (which I don't really get), but one of the things she didn't want was to have the stairs come directly down and into the front door.  She said all the good chi then leaves the house when the door is opened.  I don't really believe that stuff, but ever since then, I've been finding I don't like stairs that come right down to the front door.  I like the look of the stair case being away from it.

So with all that being said...here are the pictures of some staircases I love....in no particular order.

I don't even know how to explain what I love about this one.  I think I love everything about the little bit of the home I see, the colour, the picture ...which in turn, makes me love the stairs.  I like how there are a couple of steps down to where ever that hallway goes.  I love different levels in homes.

I love how open this one is.  I love how it comes down beside the door and I like how it's open underneath the stairs.  I'm not a fan of the spindles and the curly part at the bottom but I'd deal if this was my home.

Again...it's the open thing.  I like how you can peak into the upstairs.  I like the different levels to it....I love the dark railing with the light walls.

This is, by far, one of my favorites.  I'm moving in....as soon as I find out where this home is.  There are no words to express how I feel when I look at this one.  The only thing I would change is that the front door wouldn't be right at the bottom of the stairs but again...I'd deal with it if I was living here.

It's the landing.  I love landings.  I'm not a fan of that little design by the landing and I don't like how it's missing the risers.  I have a fear of stairs without risers...like a monster is going to grab my feet and pull me into the abyss.

I love the wood too...all that beautiful hardwood...I'm a fan.

Yes Please!  Enough said.

I love the windows at the top.  I love the window at the landing.  I love the lights at the base of the wall by the stairs.

Yes, yes and yes.  I'd need darker wood and I'd need hardwood or I'd have to pay my niece or nephew to vacuum them.

I know this one comes right to the front door, but this picture has me intrigued.  I want to see what's going on behind the picture...the part we don't see.  I like how there are only a few steps and then a long sort of hallway and then what?  I need to know.  I do love what I'm seeing so far, though.

Okay...yes...this one is a hotel, but still...I'm drawn to it.  My inner rich, upper class needs a grand fancy staircase.  There are so many things in this picture that are so not me...but yet...I love it.  Honey...I'm home.

This one speaks to me.  I love the simplicity of it.  What I don't love is that I can picture myself being really exciting coming down the stairs and forgetting to turn right and then tripping over that little ledge.  You think I'm kidding?  Nope...I would do that.
home dezign

Okay...yes...that was eleven.  I had a hard time deciding which one I should delete.  I couldn't pick.

Want to hear the behind the scenes to this post?  I had approximately 4,387 tabs open picking which stairs I like so I could link back.  Well....guess what I did.  I closed my whole thing...not just one tab...the whole thing.  I need to change my settings so it warns me that I'll be closing multiple tabs.

I cried and almost deleted this post...I was half way through it.  I took a break, had a starbucks and then I was ready to carry on.

Anyways...Happy Valentine's Day!


Cheilsea said...

This is something I've never really thought much about, but I agree with almost everything you said. I love the very first picture!! Gosh, I can't wait to finally own a house.

cmanning said...

HEy! |I missed this post!! we redid( huh? is that a word?) our stairs last fall and they look almost exactly like your first pic!! LOVE IT!! love the dark with white!! and Dave made new posts which are almost identical..too funny!
love ya!
Cindy :)

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