Better With Age...

Time to add a new blog to your blogroll list!


You won't regret it!  Her blog is actually 3 years old, but she's just recently come out of the blogging closet.  I've known Jamie since the beginning of time and I love where she is taking her amazing home decor and DIY/crafting talent.  This lady knows what's going on.

If that isn't enough of a reason to get over there and follow her, here's another...

She's giving away free stuff!!

Who doesn't like free stuff?!  Stella and Dot...Miss Mustard Seed book.  C'mon ladies....get over there and give Jamie some of your lovin...she deserves it!

Then come back here and thank me for rockin your world by introducing you to another fabulous blogger!

Seriously...you guys have no idea.  She's going to be famous one day and I'm going to be like "yeah...I know her" and she'll be all like "Lis...quit calling me" and I'll be all like "but Jamie...you love me...you just don't know it" and she'll be all like "hubby...call the police" and I'll be all like devasted.

What just happened?

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