Better With Age...

Time to add a new blog to your blogroll list!


You won't regret it!  Her blog is actually 3 years old, but she's just recently come out of the blogging closet.  I've known Jamie since the beginning of time and I love where she is taking her amazing home decor and DIY/crafting talent.  This lady knows what's going on.

If that isn't enough of a reason to get over there and follow her, here's another...

She's giving away free stuff!!

Who doesn't like free stuff?!  Stella and Dot...Miss Mustard Seed book.  C'mon ladies....get over there and give Jamie some of your lovin...she deserves it!

Then come back here and thank me for rockin your world by introducing you to another fabulous blogger!

Seriously...you guys have no idea.  She's going to be famous one day and I'm going to be like "yeah...I know her" and she'll be all like "Lis...quit calling me" and I'll be all like "but Jamie...you love me...you just don't know it" and she'll be all like "hubby...call the police" and I'll be all like devasted.

What just happened?


Bridesmaid Dress to Pillow

Yes, I broke my promise of doing a post about the pillow, but it is here now...2 months later.  That has to count for something???


Okay...fair enough.  I understand.

I've been seeing my projects pop up on Pinterest, which has inspired me to start blogging again.  I have soooo many projects to share!  I might not post for another 2 months...maybe a year...maybe tomorrow, but I'm not ready to close this blog down yet, so one project at a time, you'll still see me around blogland from time to time.

So...here I am.  No matter how badly you try to get rid of me, I just keep coming back.  You never know when, but when you least expect it, I pop up!  Like that song "the cat came back, the very next day, the cat came back...you thought he was a goner, but the cat came back, he just couldn't stay away".  Who doesn't love Fred Penner!?!?!!!

What was this post suppose to be about?

Ah...yes...home decor.  DIY.  Bedroom.

My bedroom needed another pillow.  I wanted silver and I was broke.

Enter 2002 bridesmaid dress from my best friend's wedding.

This is not the dress we wore, but close.  One of the excuses reasons I have for not posting this sooner, is that I don't have our actual bridesmaid dresses in digital form.  I only have it on old fashion film prints.  Being far too lazy, I never got around to turning it into a digital print.

I googled and googled and found this dress....closest to what our dresses looked like.  Ours were silver, we had a train and the back was a corset style.

After a little help from my mom (okay...she did it all...I don't sew...but the idea was mine!  That's got to count, right? RIGHT?!)  anyways... Voila!!  A pillow...

See it?  FREE!!!

I had an old king pillow that I chopped into 3 pieces.  Now I have 2 extra pieces to make pillows for my next project!

I love it!


To My New Followers...

and my loyal followers...

I will get you a new post this week!

I promise that!!  I turned an old bridesmaid dress into a pillow.  I loooooove it!  I'll show you how that turned out.

I have noticed I've had quite a few new people starting to follow me even though I haven't done a post in FOREVER!

Welcome here!  Thank you!  And I apologize in advance for some of the things that come out of my mouth.  I don't think before I speak type.

Hope everyone had a fantastic summer...I sure did!  Now I'm starting to wrap my head around fall and all the beautiful colours that brings.


A little help from our friends

My good friends need your help!  Please take a couple of minutes of your time and fill out their survey.

Thank you!!

Life as we know it: A little help from our friends: Now that we are back home, we are looking for answers to life's tough questions... But we won't ask your help with that endeavour... Instea...


Sixth Annual Girls Weekend

It all started in 2006.  Would you like to join me for a walk down memory lane?

No?  Oh well...we all know I don't listen very well.

2006 - Three best friends decide to get matching tattoos for their 30th birthdays.  That weekend was spent attempting home made sushi, mixing crazy drinks, attending an Indo Canadian wedding, and eating ice cream in white rock.

2007 - An uneventful year... I recall no memories from it.  I phoned Tracey to  see if she could remember it.  Trace remembers having good hair that weekend and I remember my hair being blonde.  That's all we could come up with.  I'm sure there was drink mixing and lots of laughing involved.

2008 - Another year spent in the lower mainland.  This weekend consisted of shopping for new outfits, enjoying a dinner cruise and symphony of lights in Vancouver.  It was also the same year we had the painful walk back to our hotel with our heels.  There's a chance one or two of us were actually walking through Vancouver in barefeet carrying our shoes.  The bathtub at the hotel got some serious foot action that night.

2009 - We decided to crank it up a notch and head out of town.  Enter Walnut Beach in Osoyoos.  Three of us crammed into studio room and as always made way too much food.  I also have memories of us running and diving on the bed, seeing who could get the best "air".  I have picture evidence so please don't argue that it didn't happen.  I also have picture evidence of some sweet tan lines Trace got.

2010 - Another year at Walnut Beach but decided to go with a bigger room.  This is the year I started blogging so I posted about our weekend  here, here, here, and here

2011 - We once again returned to Walnut Beach.  This time Trace was gone to Europe so we opened our exclusive club to other ladies.  I did a pre weekend post last year, but some how forgot to do a follow up of our weekend.  We got an even larger room and very quickly fell into our "lazy" routine.  It was weird not having Trace there but it did open the door to allowing others into our clique.

2012 -  This year we got 2 rooms and invited pretty much every female we know.  Michelle and I are the veterans, Tracey is returning this year, my sister is attending it for the second time and we have two other ladies joining for the first time.

We will once again meet in Osoyoos for lunch tomorrow and then head to the resort.  From there we will drink, eat and sleep....and tan and read books and float in the water, but that's about it.  There is talk of wine touring and exercise this year.  I don't know who invited those kind of people, but I'm not falling for it.    


Before Your Next Mexican Fiesta...

...you should know what your favorite Mexican dish says about you.

In Her Kitchen: What Your Favorite Mexican Dish Says About You: I found this article in the July issue of the magazine, First for women . It's no secret that I love LOOOOOOVE Mexican food.

Choose wisely when ordering....people are watching.

or if you're like me...who cares if they are, right?


Dear Rich Men (part 1)

If any rich men are out there and reading my blog, looking for a nice young girl to spend their money on, I am kindly offering myself up.

Today's requests ....

PINK RINGS!  I must have one.

If you actually pick my favorite one, I'll let you take me out for a nice dinner.